Mini-games to learn English words and phrases and to compete with your friends or random players
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What's in it?
Phrase Master
Complete the phrase you hear on the video using the first letter of each word, and do it quicker than the others
Word Miner
Listen to the English-speaking narrator, make words out of the given letters and learn their translations
Quote of the Day
Translate short quotes and memes from English into your native language. There is a new picture everyday
Duel of Minds
An intellectual quiz where you can compete with other players to determine whose knowledge of English is better
Classic crosswords in English
How it works
Phrase Master
1. Listen to the phrase and identify the word
To do this, just type the first letter of each word you heard using your keyboard
2. Reveal the complete text of the phrase
Keep typing the first letter of each word until the phrase is revealed completely
3. Find out who was most accurate
Accuracy is more important than time! Your result will be reflected in the statistics after each phrase is completed
4. Become today's best player!
Compete with other players. Complete the most phrases without mistakes
Word Miner
1. Listen to the word
If you did not understand, press space bar and listen to it pronounced with another accent
2. Type in the word character-by-character
Type what you have heard using your keyboard. If you make a mistake, it will be marked in red
3. Take a look at the translation
Add the words you are not familiar with to your personal dictionary by clicking on the green plus sign
4. Press "Enter" for the next one
You need to solve thirteen words in one game. Above is where you will see how many there are left till the game is complete
5. Be first
One letter means one point. Give correct answers and be on top of the players' ranking
Quote of the Day
1. Read the phrase you see on the picture
Try translating it — inwardly, at first
2. Think of the meaning
Do not translate each word separately, think of the meaning of the phrase as a whole instead
3. Listen to its pronunciation
Click on the loudspeaker icon and listen to the voice-over of the phrase
4. Type in your version of translation
Do not translate loosely, when it is possible to make a more accurate translation
5. View the result
If your translation is spot on, you will see a green tick under it
Duel of Minds
1. Select an opponent
You can compete with a random user or challenge your friend to a duel
2. Questions become more difficult, with awards getting more substantial as well
Select one of the suggested subjects and answer three questions. You have got sixty seconds per each!
3. Use tips
If you don't know the answer, select a tip: 50/50, changing the question, or providing an extra minute to think
4. Wait for your opponent to answer
If your opponent does not respond in 24 hours, you will win automatically
5. Wait for your opponent to answer
This was only the first round. There are five more ahead. Good luck!
Mobile app
Develop your listening skills, improve your vocabulary, enhance your reading and writing skills in one app! This is an excellent way to learn English for those familiar with the English alphabet and basic vocabulary.
Develop several English skills at once and immerse in the study process completely

Puzzle English

Самообучение иностранным языкам Логотип