Posted 29 January 2016
9th planet of the Solar system

9th planet of the Solar system

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Posted on 29 January 2016
Astronomers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena (USA) reported that there is a giant planet outside the orbit of Pluto which could become the ninth planet of the Solar System.
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Recommended words
according to - よれば
be on - 〜する
come up with - 思い付く
to describe - 述べる
directly - 直に
to discover - 発見
elliptical - 歪
extra - エキストラ
far away - 遠く
far out - 遠くまで
go back - 立ち返る
hide-and-seek - 隠れん坊
hypothetical - 仮定の
influence - 影響
jaw-dropping - 顎を落とす
a match - 一致
mystery - ミステリー
near-perfect - ほぼ完璧な
to orbit - 軌道
out of this world - この世界の外
to predict - 見通す
a scientist - サイエンティスト
so far - 従来
strange - 奇妙
to stun - ぼうっとさせる