Amy Walker gathers one-dollar donations

collections: Accents, Advertisement
Posted 5 February 2012
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Duration of the video: 2 Min. 45 sec.
This video is rather weird, so we had better not try describing its meaning. This will only make it more interesting for you to complete this task ;)
Recommended words
a cofounder - 共同 - 創設者
to complete - 仕上げる
to create - 作る
credits - 点数
directly - 直に
diverse - 諸
to donate - 遣う
a donation - 寄付
to enable - エネーブル
expertise - 熟練
feature film - 長編映画
a generation - 世代
to inspire - 吹き込む
a mode - モード
poignant - 哀れっぽい
proceeds - 収益
to publish - 出す
to release - 解放
to struggle - 闘う
to wonder - 怪しむ