This much will kill you
(part one)

Posted 11 July 2017
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 39 sec.
We all know to keep ourselves away from poisonous substances. But what about the very common things, food and effects? As it turns out, we can be killed by what we face everyday as well. With this video, you will know what exactly and how much. The main thing is not to go too far!
Recommended words
basic - 基本的な
cardiac arrest - 心停止
to cause - 引き起こす
a cell - 細胞
consecutive - 連続的な
to contain - 含む
dangerous - 危ない
extreme case - 極端な場合
ground - 接地
heart palpitations - 動悸
injury - 損傷
to lead - 導く
liquid - 液体
of choice - 選択の
oxygen - 酸素
to prefer - 好む
a reaction - 反応
to require - 要する
severe - 厳しい
to stick - 貼る
substance - 物質
a teaspoon - 茶匙
to trigger - トリガー
to vaporize - 気体化する