Posted 28 May 2016
Marty Meets his Father
(Back to the Future)

Marty Meets his Father
(Back to the Future)

продолжительность: 3:57
Posted on 28 May 2016
"Back to the Future" is a fantastic film about time travel, describing the alternative realities of the small American town, Hill Valley. The first film was released in 1985 in the cinemas of the United States and Canada.
Back to the Future
Recommended words
actually - 現に
to bring - 持ち運ぶ
clean up - メスを入れる
to figure - 考える
gullible - だまされやすい
hand in - 供する
handwriting - 手書き
to happen - 起こる
kick out - 叩き出す
life preserver - 浮き袋
a mayor - 市長
one day - 一日
to order - 命じる
a pal - 友人
powerful - 強い
push around - プッシュ
to realize - 気付く
respect - 尊重
run for - 走る
a shoe - 靴
sleep in - 寝る
slop house - スロップハウス
to spend - 過ごす
stand tall - 堂々と立つ
to sweep - 掃く
a tab - タブ
to untie - 解く
wait and see - 見送る
walk over - 飛び越える

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