Band on the Run
(New Headway)

collections: New Headway
Posted 9 September 2018
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Duration of the video: 8 Min. 28 sec.
In the new episode of "New Headway" series Matt is dealing with the consequences of having signed the contract without properly checking its content while the girls, Ali and Jane, are trying to figure out who have sent them the mysterious flowers.
Recommended words
at least - 少なくとも
be in trouble - 困っている
brilliant - ブリリアント
draw up - 作る
face to face - 差し向かい
fall off - 転げ落ちる
favourable - 良好
get behind - 遅れて
get caught - 捕まる
go on - 続ける
have a word - 言葉がある
make changes - 変更を加える
pay back - 払い戻す
pick up - 拾い上げる
rent - 家賃
to represent - 象る
turn up - 掘り返す
unpleasantness - 不愉快
what the hell - なんてこったい