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Posted 7 March 2017
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Duration of the video: 2 Min. 14 sec.
Parrotfish is one of the largest coral reef fish. They are so omnivorous that they eat corals and stones together with algae. After coming through the digestive system of these fish, solid food particles turn into fine sand that later forms tropical beaches, which are so attractive for tourists.
Recommended words
alike - 共に
alluring - 蠱惑的
bite through - 噛む
build up - 形作る
coral - コーラル
to descend - 下る
to emerge - 出てくる
to enrich - エンリッチ
erosion - 浸食
to feed - 飼う
fine sand - 黄塵
to form - 生成
indiscriminate - 見境のない
a jaw - 齶
nearly - ほとんど
to nest - 巣籠る
over time - 残業
parrotfish - 甲殻類
play a part - 役を演じます
to produce - プロデュース
a quest - 探求
a reef - リーフ
support - 支える
to swallow - 飲み込む
take root - 根付く
threat - 脅威