collections: Short film
Posted 7 March 2014
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Duration of the video: 2 Min. 4 sec.
Beryl is a humorous short film, the script of which was written by an English scriptwriter Sarah Page. The phrases in the video are short and simple, so even beginners can watch it without problems.
Recommended words
a biscuit - ビスケット
a bit - ビット
to dance - 踊る
to dream - 夢見る
to forget - 忘れる
go on - 続ける
a honeymoon - ハネムーン
how is it going? - 調子はどうですか?
a husband - 夫
a kitchen - キッチン
to meet - 会う
to miss - 見逃す
nice - 良い
rain - 雨
to remember - 思い出す
shame - 恥
to share - 分け合う
to steal - スチール
take over - 引き継ぐ
wake up - 目覚める
weather - 天気