(Black Knight)

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Posted 18 September 2014
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Duration of the video: 2 Min. 29 sec.
"Black Knight" is an American comedy about time travel. In this scene, Jamal Walker learns that he is the chosen envoy to help the queen return the throne.
Recommended words
to calm - 静める
a chamber - チェンバー
a cousin - いとこ
cover - カバー
damn - いまいましい
to dare - 敢えてする
deposed - 没収された
drawers - 引き出し
eh - ええ
an execution - 実行
to frighten - 驚かす
gear - ギヤ
a manhole - マンホール
a messenger - 使者
to notice - 気付く
spirit - 精神
to warn - 諭す
a welcome - 歓迎