Why isn’t our hair naturally blue?

collections: Animals, Nature, Human body
Posted 30 April 2017
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Duration of the video: 3 Min. 13 sec.
Have you ever dyed your hair toxic colours? Maybe you have thought of why other people do this? Or you keep asking yourself why such colours look unnaturally on a person's head? This video will help you learn where animals get blue colour from, and why a human cannot have naturally blue hair.
Recommended words
ability - 能力
cancel out - 取り消す
a combination - 組み合わせ
common - コモン
to create - 作る
difficult - 難しい
eventually - 結局
exactly - 丁度
to fake - でっちあげる
to hide - 隠す
huge - 巨大
in honor of - 敬意を表して
inside of - 以内
instead - 却って
likely - 恐らく
lily pad - リリーパッド
to match - 合わせる
nature - 自然
a pigment - 色素
race - レース
a scientist - サイエンティスト
sex - 性別
sky - 空
suddenly - 突然
tough - タフ