Posted 30 April 2017
Why isn’t our hair naturally blue?

Why isn’t our hair naturally blue?

продолжительность: 3:13
Posted on 30 April 2017
Have you ever dyed your hair toxic colours? Maybe you have thought of why other people do this? Or you keep asking yourself why such colours look unnaturally on a person's head? This video will help you learn where animals get blue colour from, and why a human cannot have naturally blue hair.
Animals, Nature, Human body
Recommended words
ability - 能力
cancel out - 取り消す
a combination - 組み合わせ
common - コモン
to create - 作る
difficult - 難しい
eventually - 結局
exactly - 丁度
to fake - でっちあげる
to hide - 隠す
huge - 巨大
in honor of - 敬意を表して
inside of - 以内
instead - 却って
likely - 恐らく
lily pad - リリーパッド
to match - 合わせる
nature - 自然
a pigment - 色素
race - レース
a scientist - サイエンティスト
sex - 性別
sky - 空
suddenly - 突然
tough - タフ