Posted 25 December 2017
Does Santa really exist?

Does Santa really exist?

продолжительность: 1:53
Posted on 25 December 2017
Do you believe in Father Christmas? And Santa Claus? And have you ever thought of how winter holiday heroes manage to cope with so much work in such a tiny period of time? If you are a fan of statistics and you do want some proof, watch this video to learn about Santa's secrets.
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Recommended words
an algorithm - アルゴリズム
all by oneself - すべて自分で
to climb - 登る
to create - 作る
deadly - 致死
to deliver - 届ける
impossible - 不可能
impressive - 見事
in order to - のに
journey - 旅
literally - 文字通り
to mind - いやがす
to pass - 通る
regift - リジフト
a rip - 割る
science - 科学
to seem - 見える
similar - 同じ
soot - 煤
space - 空間
a text - テキスト
to transform - 変じる
unless - もしでなければ
worldwide - 世界的に

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