Does Santa really exist?

collections: New Year
Posted 25 December 2017
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 53 sec.
Do you believe in Father Christmas? And Santa Claus? And have you ever thought of how winter holiday heroes manage to cope with so much work in such a tiny period of time? If you are a fan of statistics and you do want some proof, watch this video to learn about Santa's secrets.
Recommended words
an algorithm - アルゴリズム
all by oneself - すべて自分で
to climb - 登る
to create - 作る
deadly - 致死
to deliver - 届ける
impossible - 不可能
impressive - 見事
in order to - のに
journey - 旅
literally - 文字通り
to mind - いやがす
to pass - 通る
regift - リジフト
a rip - 割る
science - 科学
to seem - 見える
similar - 同じ
soot - 煤
space - 空間
a text - テキスト
to transform - 変じる
unless - もしでなければ
worldwide - 世界的に