Candy applies for a job

Posted 11 April 2011
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Duration of the video: 3 Min. 25 sec.
If you are about to change your job and you have to attend job interviews often, will you give a hint of "correct" answers to the questions that employers usually ask during the first interview.
Recommended words
an ad - 広告
to appreciate - 認める
barbed - あごのある
certainly - 必ず
to cover - 覆う
to expect - 待つ
a goal - ゴール
an interviewee - 面接官
to notice - 気付く
personality - 人
a piercing - けたたましい
to surround - 囲む
a synergy - シナジー
TTYL - TTYL(また後でね)
ultimate - 究極
weakness - 弱点