Posted 11 July 2019
Narrative Tenses

Narrative Tenses

продолжительность: 2:4
Posted on 11 July 2019
Dan is an English teacher at BBC Learning English. In his lessons, he explains complex grammatical topics in simple examples. In this video, Dan will try to show us in 90 seconds how to use narrative tenses by telling a story from his childhood.
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Recommended words
to bash - 殴りつける
bedside table - ベッドサイドテーブル
complete - コンプリート
to describe - 述べる
exactly - 丁度
focus on - 焦点を合わせる
get off - 降りる
here we go - さあ!
in progress - 発展中
interrupted - 割り込み
jump off - 飛び降りる
make a difference - 違いが生じる・異なる
to mean - 平均
narrative - 説話
a scar - 傷跡
sign off - サインオフ
tense - 時制
try and - 試して
you see - 分かりますか