How to Use Participle Clauses

collections: English with BBC
Posted 22 April 2017
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Duration of the video: 2 Min. 47 sec.
Dan is an English teacher at BBC Learning English. In his lessons, he explains complex grammatical topics in simple examples. In this video, Dan will try to tell in 90 seconds how to use participle clauses to express cause.
Recommended words
action - アクション
complex - ややこしい
difference - 差
do a good job - 良い仕事をしなさい
to emphasise - 強める
excellent - 素晴らしい
extremely - 極めて
fantastic - ファンタスティック
focus - 集中させる
fully - 十分
hopefully - うまくいけば
huge - 巨大
keep safe - 気をつけて
look at - 見る
make a mistake - 間違える
to mean - 平均
notice - 気付く
participle clause - 分詞句
particular - 特定の
to recommend - 勧める
scary - おっかない
a sentence - 文
slowly - ゆっくり
worry - 悩む