Posted 19 June 2017
Dear Kitten: Regarding friendship

Dear Kitten: Regarding friendship

продолжительность: 1:40
Posted on 19 June 2017
The elder cat keeps on explaining the rules of living in a house to the kitten. Today, a very important topic is on the agenda: friendship. It might seem so simple at the first glance, but friendship does have its own rules which the kitten must get to know.
Dear Kitten
Recommended words
as much as the next person - 次の人と同じくらい
to assume - 決め込む
be friends with - 友人になる
be there - そこにいる
because of - によって
a belly - 腹
a bum - 遊び人
a butt - 小突く
completely - 全く
depth - 奥行き
a hint - ヒント
in times of need - 必要時に
it is time - それは時間です
a limit - 限定
next door - 隣
to notice - 気付く
to point - 向ける
present - 与える
to render - 与える
to resuscitate - 生かす
spend - 過ごす
unconscious - 意識不明
wake up - 目覚める
to warm - 温める

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