The Curator of Death

collections: Great Big Story
Posted 22 July 2017
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 36 sec.
Love studying skeletons? Not afraid of dead things? Welcome to the Museum of Pathology! Since all the people eventually die, it may not be so scary then... right?
Recommended words
anatomy - 解剖学
certain - 一定
to choose - 選び出す
a collector - コレクタ
cute - 可愛い
to discover - 発見
to divide - 分ける
divide up - 分裂
to draw - 描く
exhibition - 展示
familiar with - に精通
to fascinate - 魅了する
a founder - 初代
horrific - 恐ろしい
a horror - ホラー
to imagine - 考える
a jar - ジャー
natural - ナチュラル
to preserve - 保つ
private - 個人
separate - 別
skin - 皮膚
to suggest - 促す
temporary - テンポラリー