Depeche Mode — Precious

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Posted 15 March 2015
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 3 sec.
"Precious" is the first single from Depeche Mode's album "Playing the Angel". Martin Gore, who wrote the song, said that it is about his kids and the painful experience they went through during their parents' divorce process.
Recommended words
an angel - 天使
to break - ブレーク
brittle - 脆い
fragile - 脆い
Have faith in - を信じている
to hope - 願う
to learn - 学ぶ
to leave - 残す
a left - 左
to manage - 治める
to pray - 祈る
precious - 貴重
put through - 電話をなぐ
special - 特別
tender - 柔らかい
trust - 信頼
to try - 試みる
to understand - 知る
unspoken - 暗黙の
to wish - 願う
a word - ワード