Duran Duran — Come Undone

collections: Pop music
Posted 10 June 2016
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 20 sec.
"Come Undone" is the second single from the seventh studio album "The Wedding Album" by British new wave band Duran Duran. The song was a huge commercial success on both sides of the Atlantic.
Recommended words
blind - ブラインド
blow in - 吹き込む
breath - 呼吸
chill - 悪寒
come undone - ほどける
to create - 作る
crime - 犯罪
deja vu - 既視想
a dream - 夢
fall apart at the seams - 縫い目で崩れ落ちる
fear - 恐れ
feed off - フィードオフ
hope - 希望
immaculate - 欠点のない
keep from - 慎みます
magic - マジック
outside - 外部
skin - 皮膚
sky - 空
to stay - とどまる
to swear - 誓う
take to pieces - 片づける
a tune - チューン
wild - 野生
wind - 風