Posted 24 August 2017
Mysteries of Easter Island statues

Mysteries of Easter Island statues

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Posted on 24 August 2017
Moai are monolithic stone statues on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. More than 900 statues are currently known. It is believed that the statues were built by the aboriginal people of the island between 1250 and 1500, but there is no general consensus on how those were created and moved across the island.
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Recommended words
astonishment - 驚き
at one time - 一時に
to bury - 埋め込む
to carve - 彫る
coherent - 密着した
to create - 作る
difficult - 難しい
to discover - 発見
to drag - 引っ張る
elongated - 引きのばす
an expedition - 遠征
find out - 捜し当てる
to flourish - 栄える
to imply - ほのめかす
in fact - その実
an investigation - 調査
make it clear - それを明確にする
a maul - モール
practical - 実際
provided - という条件で
quite - すっかり
a replica - レプリカ
strangely - 奇しくも
to transport - 運ぶ
up to - のどころまで
upright - 直立
volcanic - 火山の
a waist - 腰部

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