Posted 23 January 2014
Magic of the Fibonacci numbers
(part two)

Magic of the Fibonacci numbers
(part two)

продолжительность: 2:40
Posted on 23 January 2014
One day, professor Arthur T. Benjamin decided that mathematics is not that boring as almost everyone thinks. Having decided so, he wrote a book called "The Joy of Mathematics". And then he also started giving speeches to entertain the audience. In this video, he is going to share his thoughts about the Fibonacci numbers.
Recommended words
add up to - 追加するまで
and so on - 等々
application - アプリケーション
an area - エリア
base - ベース
to calculate - 割り出す
calculation - 計算
check out - 事切れる
clearly - はっきり
correctly - 正し
to discover - 発見
to divide - 分ける
to draw - 描く
equal - 等しい
an equation - 方程式
to fascinate - 魅了する
figure out - 見つけ出す
to generate - 生み付ける
height - 身長
inside - 中に
on the one hand - 一方では
on the other hand - 他方
a pattern - パターン
a ratio - 比
a rectangle - 矩形
satisfying - 満たす
simple - 簡単
solve for - 解決する
square - 四角形
squared - 自乗
to summarize - サマライズ
to understand - 知る

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