Fox dives headfirst into snow

collections: Animals, Nature
Posted 3 December 2017
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Duration of the video: 2 Min. 37 sec.
Winters in the north of the U.S. can be almost as snowy as in Russia. Foxes dwelling in the Black Hills mountain range in South Dakota exhibit some amazing abilities in searching for food in the cold time of the year. Enjoy this entertaining video and don't forget to learn some new English expressions!
Recommended words
a blanket - ブランケット
to calculate - 割り出す
catch - 漁獲
complete - コンプリート
to cover - 覆う
a critter - 獣
distraction - 錯乱
empty-handed - 徒手空拳
enormous - 巨大
to hit - 打つ
home in on - 自宅で
hopeless - 駄目
immense - 巨大
a leap - 跳躍
a missile - ミサイル
nearly - ほとんど
odds - 公算
pick up - 拾い上げる
skill - スキル
a target - ターゲット
throw off - 振り落す
a trajectory - 軌道
unbelievable - とてつもない
unless - もしでなければ