Learning grammar without rules
(part 2)

collections: English with Seal
Posted 18 October 2013
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 46 sec.
A video in which Seal tells how to learn vocabulary properly. He intentionally speaks very slowly and clearly, so that his speech would be comprehensible even for beginners.
Recommended words
basic - 基本的な
catch on - 飲み込む
catch up - 追い付く
communication - 通信
to decide - 決める
to describe - 述べる
an exception - 例外
to explain - 説く
fall out - 抜ける
a fashion - ファッション
future - 将来
hard - ハード
natural - ナチュラル
to read - 読む
rule - ルール
sometimes - 時々
to stop - 止める
truth - 真実
understands - 知る