Posted 18 November 2015
Gray whales off the coast of Mexico

Gray whales off the coast of Mexico

продолжительность: 1:47
Posted on 18 November 2015
Tourists sailing along Mexico's coast managed to get maximally close to grey whales.
Recommended words
to allow - 許す
to arrive - 着く
calf - カーフ
a creature - 生物
curious - 奇妙
to enjoy - 楽しむ
feeding ground - 給餌場
a female - 女性
gentle - 穏やか
hands-on experience - 実地体験
lucky - ラッキー
majestic - 壮大
to migrate - 移動する
off the coast - 海岸沖で
to perform - 行う
to pet - ペット
to resist - 堪える
a whale - 鯨

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