Posted 30 June 2018
Teaching math lessons using kites

Teaching math lessons using kites

продолжительность: 2:32
Posted on 30 June 2018
Winfred Randolph Lowe, a retired geometry teacher promotes this branch of mathematics to brand new heights. About twenty years ago, he became interested in making kites, and now he manages to find some common points between his hobby and science.
Great Big Story, Science
Recommended words
as ... as possible - 可能な限り...
a classroom - 教室
to combine - 組み合わせる
common - コモン
complicated - 繁雑
a creature - 生物
a denominator - 分母
a desk - デスク
to determine - 定める
to figure - 考える
a fraction - 分数
given - 所与
a kite - 凧
let go - 放る
never look back - 振り返ってはいけません
nowadays - 最近
plug something into - 何かを
reach - 達する
relationship - 仲
to retire - リタイア
string - ストリング
take advantage of - 付け込む
to travel - 旅行する
whole - 全

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