Posted 6 January 2018
A man named Santa Claus

A man named Santa Claus

продолжительность: 2:1
Posted on 6 January 2018
If you believe in Father Christmas or Santa Claus, then it is your lucky day – it is an interview with a real Santa! He has got both his costume and his iconic laughter... However, some of Santa's preferences can still suprise you.
Recommended words
aboveground - 地上
a backyard - 裏庭
be good at - 得意である
be into - 〜に入る
committed - コミット
a decade - 一昔
to design - 描く
an exaggeration - 過言
extreme - 激しい
to fit - 合う
go ahead - どうぞ!
a hut - 小屋
interview - 面接する
it turns out - それが判明
legally - 法的に
married - 既婚
probably - 多分
a refrigerator - 冷蔵庫
relaxation - くつろぎ
a suit - スーツ
traditional - トラディショナル
vanity plates - バニティプレート
when it comes to - それが来るとき
a zombie - ゾンビ

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