Darren Hayes — Insatiable

collections: Savage Garden, Pop music
Posted 11 November 2017
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 21 sec.
Insatiable is a debut single recorded by Australian singer Darren Hayes, the former lead singer of the band Savage Garden, in 2002. The song reached number one on New Zealand chart, number three on Australian chart and number eight on the UK Singles Chart.
Recommended words
barely - かろうじて
to bathe - 浴びる
chase away - 追い払う
fall asleep - 寝静まる
to grow - 育つ
to hold - ホールド
hold hands - 手を握り合う
to levitate - 浮上する
moonlight - 月光
race - レース
to revolve - 回る
scent - 香り
a sheet - 枚
to soar - 舞い上がる
to stain - 汚す
sweetness - 甘味
take off - 飛び立つ
to touch - 触れる
turn down - 折り曲げる