History of English language: Internet English

Posted 22 July 2014
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 8 sec.
The emergence of the Internet has changed the language significantly. One of the main innovations is the development of written language.
Recommended words
amusing - 面白い
to bother - 煩わす
charred - 焦がす
to download - ダウンロード
a fail - 落第
a firewall - 防火壁
hilarious - こっけない
net - ネット
a picture - 画像
a pile - パイル
to reboot - リブート
to revert - 帰着
to share - 分け合う
spoken - 口語の
a toolbar - ツールバー
to type - タイプ
a wallpaper - 壁紙