How the Sun works

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Posted 20 October 2015
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Did you know that had the Sun been fuelled by petrol or, say, wood, it would have burnt out in a matter of several millennia? So how come it's still burning?..
Recommended words
anyway - どっちみち
to burn - 燃やす
a combustion - 燃焼
to convert - コンバート
an element - 素子
to explain - 説く
to fuel - 燃料
to fuse - ヒューズ
a fusion - 融合
gasoline - ガソリン
to heat - 熱する
heavy - ヘビー
helium - ヘリウム
huge - 巨大
hydrogen - 水素
mass - 質量
nuclear - 原子力の
quantum - 量子
a reaction - 反応
to release - 放つ
a submarine - 潜水艦
sunlight - 日光
wood - 木材