Hummingbird’s face resembles baby octopus

collections: Birds
Posted 7 December 2016
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 41 sec.
In this video, you will see two species of calypte costae, a species of hummingbird dwelling in the southern regions of North America. Trying to attract the female, male displays his glowing feathers that, in an amazing manner, make him look like an octopus.
Recommended words
back and forth - 行ったり来たり
blazing - 燃えている
a display - 表示
entire - 全面の
a feather - フェザー
fiery - 火の
to flex - フレックス
to glow - 輝く
to hover - 期待
to impress - 印象づける
in front of - の前に
iridescent - 玉虫色
look for - 探す
a mantle - マント
mate - メイト
move in - 転入
to nest - 巣籠る
not until - 〜まで
a perch - 鱸
to perfect - 為遂げる
performance - 業績
point of view - 観点
a prowess - 剛勇
to resist - 堪える
return - 戻る
to rock - 揺する
to shimmer - 光る
a splendor - 華麗