Amazing hummingbirds

collections: Birds
Posted 19 May 2015
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Duration of the video: 1 Min.
This video shows how the study of the flight of a hummingbird can help in the creation of unmanned aircraft resistant to wind blows.
Recommended words
adjustment - 調整
a beat - ビート
catch up - 追い付く
to compare - 比べる
constant - コンスタント
to cope - 対処
a drone - 唸る
fan out - 扇形に広がります
find out - 捜し当てる
gusty - 巨乳
to handle - 扱う
have in mind - 念じる
to hover - 期待
a hummingbird - ハチドリ
independently - 単独で
no surprise - 驚きはない
steady wind - 安定した風
a tail - 尾
wind - 風
wind tunnel - 風洞
a wing - 翼