Conversation topics
(part 2)

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Posted 29 October 2014
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 42 sec.
In this lesson, Jade will share some topics that you can talk to during a business lunch, if you do not want to talk only about work.
Recommended words
to argue - 論じる
to consider - 考える
to cut - 切る
delightful - 楽しい
direct - 直接
to disagree - 同意
to discover - 発見
a discretion - 裁量
a judge - 裁判官
to offer - 勧める
an outcome - 結果
to pinch - 奪う
a proposal - 提案
relevant - 関連した
to shout - 叫ぶ
straight - 直
a transition - 遷移