Posted 13 May 2018
Jellied eels

Jellied eels

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Posted on 13 May 2018
Jellied eels is one of the traditional appetizers in London. This dish is made of chopped eels boiled in a spiced stock that is allowed to cool and set, forming a jelly. Jellied eels is usually served along with a pie and mashed potatoes. Where is eels fished? Previously, the main source of this fish for any English kitchen was the river Thames flowing through London.

Nowadays, jellied eels is not so popular among Londoners. But why did it remain one of the most popular dishes for more than two centuries? We will try to figure that out asking the employees of fish factories.
Great Big Story, History
Recommended words
back then - 当時
basically - 基本的に
a bowl - ボウル
to crawl - 這う
a customer - 顧客
an eel - 鰻
a fishmonger - 魚屋
giant - ジャイアント
hold on to - 手放さない
jiggly - ジグリー
loads of - の負荷
a no-brainer - 非常に簡単、考える必要のない
okay then - じゃあオーケー
an owner - オーナー
perfect - 完全
pie shop - パイショップ
to prepare - 備える
public - 公共
quite - すっかり
to realise - 気付く
staple diet - ステープルダイエット
a supply - サプライ
a takeaway - テークアウェイ
weird - 不気味