Posted 9 August 2016
How to act towards children in the kitchen

How to act towards children in the kitchen

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Posted on 9 August 2016
This is a little instruction for the parents who want their children to enjoy spending time in the kitchen and helping with the housework.
Recommended words
all the time - 何時でも
be careful - 気をつける
come back - 返る
control issues - コントロールの問題
to correct - 直す
to fail - フェイル
finally - 遂に
to follow - 従う
fun - ファン
get mad - 怒る
a guy - 男
hot - ホット
interest - 関心
a kid - キッド
a kitchen - キッチン
learn from your mistakes - あなたの間違いから学ぶ
learning - ラーニング
to lose - 失う
messy - 汚い
a mistake - 間違い
a recipe - 作り方
to relax - 寛ぐ
to rush - 急ぐ
to suck - 吸う
to take - テイク
tired - 疲れた

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