Avril Lavigne — Sk8er Boi

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Posted 15 September 2018
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Duration of the video: 3 Min. 38 sec.
Sk8er Boi is the second single by Canadian singer Avril Lavigne from her debut album Let Go released in 2002. The song charted number three on the Top Songs of the Decade chart.
Recommended words
as well - 又
backstage - 楽屋
be in love - 恋う
a crowd - 群集
to feed - 飼う
to guess - 言い当てる
miss out - 逃す
more than meets the eye - 見た目以上のもの
obvious - 明らか
secretly - こっそり
see you later - じゃあまたね
a soul - 魂
tag along - タグに沿って
too bad - 残念な
tough luck - タフな運
turn down - 折り曲げる