Linkin Park — New Divide

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Posted 2 January 2016
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 28 sec.
Linkin Park is an American alternative band formed in 1996 under the name "Xero". After changing the name to modern one in 2000, the band has won two Grammy Awards. The musical collective rose to fame thanks to their debut album "Hybrid Theory" that sold 27 million copies.
Recommended words
abandoned - 邪悪
all around - 万遍無く
ash - 灰
to blur - ぼやける
cave in - 落ち入る
to connect - コネクト
to cross - 横切る
to deny - 拒む
to deserve - 値する
distance - 距離
a divide - 分水嶺
fate - 運命
flood - 洪水
a goodbye - さようなら
to hide - 隠す
in sight - 洞察
lightning - 稲妻
memory - メモリー
a mistake - 間違い
prove someone wrong - 誰かが間違っている
a regret - 後悔
to remember - 思い出す
space - 空間
startling - 素晴らしい
voice - 音声
wash clean - 洗い清める