Posted 27 May 2017
When lobster was everywhere

When lobster was everywhere

продолжительность: 1:18
Posted on 27 May 2017
Lobster was once deemed a poor man's food and was served to prisoners. Nowadays, lobster is considered a true delicacy. In this video, you are going to hear a strange story of how a bottom-dwelling crustacean went from prison food to upscale fare.
Great Big Story, History, Food
Recommended words
a bait - 餌
bay - 湾
beloved - 最愛
can - することができる
a critter - 獣
cruel - 酷い
to deem - 思う
delicacy - 珍味
eat up - 平らげる
to enact - 言い含める
eventually - 結局
to feed - 飼う
grow to - 成長する
to imagine - 考える
an inmate - 収容者
literally - 文字通り
prison - 刑務所
to protect - 守る
punishment - 罰
a railroad - 鉄道
seafood - シーフード
to settle - 片付ける
a settler - 開拓者
a shore - 岸
sick of - 飽き飽き
succulent - 多肉植物
to surge - ゆるゆる
ultimately - 最終的に