Posted 20 April 2018
Can you solve the locker riddle?

Can you solve the locker riddle?

продолжительность: 3:36
Posted on 20 April 2018
Your rich, eccentric uncle just passed away, and you and your 99 nasty relatives have been invited to the reading of his will. He wanted to leave all of his money to you, but he knew that if he did, your relatives would pester you forever. Can you solve the riddle he left for you and get the inheritance?
Ted-Ed, Riddles
Recommended words
bank on - バンク・オン
a code - コード
to continue - 続ける
even - イーブン
a factor - 因子
following - 以下
forever - いつも
immediately - 直ちに
a lawyer - 弁護士
make sense - 意味をなさない
odd - 変
pass away - 消失する
a pattern - パターン
pay attention - 目を止める
perfect square - 完璧な広場
prime number - 素数
to realize - 気付く
to remain - 残る
a riddle - 謎
secret - 人知れず
to share - 分け合う
a solution - 溶液
step forward - 進み出る
therefore - 従って

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