Posted 8 July 2017
Love Idioms

Love Idioms

продолжительность: 4:43
Posted on 8 July 2017
Lucy is a teacher from the UK. And also she is a cheerful and charming girl. In this video, Lucy will talk about ten popular love and relationship related expressions that natives often use in their speech.
Recommended words
be likely to - 可能性が高い
a couple - カップル
a date - 日付
double date - ダブルデート
entire - 全面の
exactly - 丁度
extra - エキストラ
film - 映す
final - 決定的
get hitched - 叩かれる
get started - 始める
a husband - 夫
obvious - 明らか
on the rocks - オンザロック
quite - すっかり
set someone up - 誰かを立てる
squeeze in - 圧迫する
successful - 旨い
tie the knot - 結び目を作る
warm fuzzy feeling - 暖かいファジー感

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