Posted 11 February 2017
Much or Many?

Much or Many?

продолжительность: 2:16
Posted on 11 February 2017
Lucy is a teacher from the UK. And also she is a cheerful and charming girl. In this lesson, Lucy will tell how you can say "a lot" with different types of nouns: you will learn how to use the words "many" and "much", as well as the expressions "a lot of" and "lots of"
English with Lucy
Recommended words
a little bit - 若干
a lot of - 大分
ask for - 求める
difference - 差
drink - ドリンク
especially - 特に
an exception - 例外
to explain - 説く
firstly - 最初に
get wrong - 間違う
go with - と一緒に行きます
incredibly - 信じられないほど
instead of - 代りに
interchangeably - 互換的に
interrogative - 疑問の
lots of - 沢山の
more or less - 多少
normally - 日頃
on the other hand - 他方
plural - 複数
to refer - 謀る
right now - 只今
a sachet - 香水
to sound - 鳴らす
tend to - 傾向がある
that is why - それが理由です
the same thing - 同じこと
too much - 過大
uncountable - 数えられない

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