Posted 9 June 2017
Bruno Mars — That’s What I Like

Bruno Mars — That’s What I Like

продолжительность: 3:30
Posted on 9 June 2017
Bruno Mars is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, Grammy Award winner, known for his work in recording the songs Nothin' on You by B.o.B and Billionaire by Travis McCoy.

The song That's What I Like was released on 30 January 2017 as the second single from his studio album 24K Magic. The single made a debut appearance at number 79 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and reached number one on that chart by the fifteenth week since its emergence.
Bruno Mars, Pop music
Recommended words
to agree - 同調
at night - 夜間
to clap - 叩く
to deserve - 値する
get to - 達する
go on - 続ける
good time - 良い時間
to invite - 招待する
jammies - ジャミー
jewelry - ジュエリー
keep a promise - 約束を守る
lucky for you - あなたのためにラッキー
make a promise - 約束する
to promise - 契る
to rent - 借りる
say the word - 一言言います
to serve - サーブ
a sheet - 枚
to shine - 輝く
shopping spree - 買物熱
silk - シルク
strawberry - ストロベリー
take a look - 見てみましょう
a trip - 旅行
turn around - 振り返る
wake up - 目覚める
a wallet - 財布
you got it - あなたはそれを持っている

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