Moving atoms
(part two)

collections: Atoms
Posted 31 August 2014
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 58 sec.
Researchers at IBM decided to make the smallest film in the world. The thing is, that leading roles in the film will be played by atoms.
Recommended words
a centigrade - 摂氏
data - データ
to fascinate - 魅了する
feedback - フィードバック
a groundwork - 下地
to hold - ホールド
imagination - 想像
to join - 加わる
location - ロケーション
a needle - 針
noise - ノイズ
to position - 位置
to scan - 目を通す
scratchy - 掻き集める
a spur - 拍車
storage - 保管
to switch - 変える
a tip - 先端