Christmas with love from Mrs. Claus
(Christmas advert)

collections: Advertisement, New Year
Posted 30 December 2017
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Duration of the video: 3 Min.
Christmas with love from Mrs. Claus is a traditional Christmas advertisement by Marks & Spencer. In this video you will get to know a new symbol of Christmas holidays, Mrs. Claus, who happens to be not just Santa's wife!
Recommended words
a lot - たくさん
angry - 怒った
come on - 来る
easily done - 簡単にやる
to forget - 忘れる
fun - ファン
get out - 脱する
happy - ハッピー
keep away - 遠ざける
last-minute - ぎりぎり
Merry Christmas - メリークリスマス!
mince pie - ミンスパイ
pickle - お新香
quiet - 静か
a request - 要求
sometimes - 時々