Nature, the origin of happiness

collections: Nature, Human body
Posted 6 July 2017
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Duration of the video: 2 Min. 7 sec.
New joint research by the BBC and the University of California proved that the abilities of nature are much more enormous than it has ever been supposed: even watching documentaries about nature makes a person happier causing them to feel positive emotions. Make yourselves truly happy by discovering new things about the world that surrounds us!
Recommended words
to affect - 影響を及ぼす
amazing - 素晴らしい
to cause - 引き起こす
contentment - 満足
curiosity - 不思議
data - データ
especially - 特に
experience - 感じる
to explore - 探る
findings - 答申
incredible - すばらしい
joy - 喜び
low energy - 低エネルギー
positive - ポジティブ
powerful - 強い
to prove - 裏付ける
to reduce - 減らす
to reveal - 明らかにする
scientific - 科学的
significant - 重要
somewhere else - 余所
study - 研究
wildlife - 野生動物
wonder - ワンダー