Posted 5 June 2018
A Dog’s Tale
(New Headway)

A Dog’s Tale
(New Headway)

продолжительность: 5:18
Posted on 5 June 2018
Friends talk about the ghost of a dog that lives in their house. Of course, this is just a story, so everyone is having fun. But why does Matt look so tired the next morning?
New Headway
Recommended words
a load of - の負荷
accident - 事故
be silly - 愚かである
a cottage - コテージ
to destroy - 滅ぼす
to exist - 有る
an explanation - 説明
fancy - 好む
for some reason - 何処と無く
frightening - 怖い
funny - 変
a ghost - ゴースト
to happen - 起こる
horror film - ホラー映画
if I were you - もし私があなただったら
to keep - キープ
logical - ロジカル
an owner - オーナー
rubbish - 塵
run away - 走り去る
stupid - 愚か
tired - 疲れた
turn off - 留める
to warn - 諭す