Posted 6 April 2018
An Old Friend
(Starting Out)

An Old Friend
(Starting Out)

продолжительность: 3:21
Posted on 6 April 2018
Starting Out” is a series of video lessons produced by an international organization British Council. This series is for people who are just starting to learn English.
In this issue, Sammy offers Julia to change plans for the evening and visit his old school friend. It seems that Sammy's story is a little confusing to Julia...
Starting Out
Recommended words
a little bit - 若干
a lot - たくさん
brilliant - ブリリアント
chance - チャンス
city centre - 市の中心部
a cook - クック
do sport - 運動する
to explain - 説く
fantastic - ファンタスティック
go fishing - トロール
go out - 出掛ける
a guy - 男
retired - 引退した
what about - どう?
what time - 何時に
wonderful - 素晴らしい