One Amazing Day: Pandas

Posted 9 April 2018
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Duration of the video: 5 Min. 46 sec.
The growth rate of bamboos is easily matched by pandas' love of eating them: these plants make the significant part of panda diet. Bamboo is not very nutritious, so a panda has to chew it about 14 hours a day – that is the only way for a panda to be replete.
Recommended words
amongst - の中に
to chew - 噛む
to climb - 登る
a cub - カブ
dawn - 夜明け
to depend - 頼る
to feed - 飼う
a forest - 森林
a leaf - 葉
luxury - 贅沢
mostly - 殆ど
natural world - 自然界
nutritious - 栄養分のある
particular - 特定の
precious - 貴重
rare - レア
a ray - レイ
to reach - 達する
a spell - スペル
tangled - 入り組む
the only thing - 唯一のもの
time to spare - 予備時間
touch - 触れる
turn into - 回って