Posted 4 February 2018
How to Change Your Mind in English
(part 1)

How to Change Your Mind in English
(part 1)

продолжительность: 3:14
Posted on 4 February 2018
Ali is an English teacher from the UK. In his lessons, he covers topics important for all learners so that it becomes simply unreal to forget something! In this video, Ali will present several ways to say that you have changed your mind or changed the decision made before.
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Recommended words
application - アプリケーション
to apply - アプライ
casual - カジュアル
change one's mind - 思い直す
to choose - 選び出す
clearly - はっきり
come to think of it - 良く考えると
consideration - 考慮
conversation - 会話
decision time - 決定時間
ending - エンディング
expression - 表現
hang on - 引っ掛ける
hold on - どっこい!
interested - 気乗り
to invite - 招待する
make a decision - 決める
on second thought - 第二の考えで
an option - オプション
to reject - 拒む
response - 応答
spice up - スパイスアップ
usually - 通常
why not - 何故なの

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