Peppa Pig: The Eye Test

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Posted 22 November 2017
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 29 sec.
Today Peppa and George play with Pedro Pony. Pedro wears spectacles prescribed by an optometrist. And since Pedro's dad is an optometrist, Pedro knows everything about vision and eyes. A quick check shows that Peppa needs spectacles, too. Or should she see Pedro's dad first?
Recommended words
a chart - チャート
to check - 食い止める
to choose - 選び出す
clearly - はっきり
eye test - 視力検査
eyesight - 視力
fantastic - ファンタスティック
funny - 変
glasses - 眼鏡
hope - 願う
I suppose - 私は考えます
interesting - 面白い
to lose - 失う
muddy - 汚い
no one - だれも
perfect - 完全
proper - 正しい
a puddle - 水たまり
put on - 着ける
sit down - 着席する
to slip - 滑る
sunglasses - サングラス
test - 試す
what about - どう?