Pharrell Williams’ address to the world leaders

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Posted 3 August 2015
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 33 sec.
The well-known American musician and producer Pharrell Williams addressed the world leaders asking them to pay attention to the issues of global warming and unemployment.
Recommended words
an agenda - 議題
bring together - まとめる
a continent - 大陸
count on - 頼む
a deal - 対処
an employer - 雇い主
existence - 存在
generation - 世代
government - 政府
green - グリーン
make a difference - 違いが生じる・異なる
make sure - 念のため
opportunity - 機会
passionate - 熱烈
a planet - 惑星
skill - スキル
to stage - ステージ
sustainable - 持続可能な
to threaten - 脅かす
unique - 一意