Predator X: The most powerful marine reptile ever

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Posted 3 October 2017
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Duration of the video: 2 Min. 40 sec.
In 2006, palaeontologists working on one the islands of Spitsbergen Archipelago discovered fossils of two giant pliosaurs. The biggest specimen was dubbed Predator X. The fact of discovery of the giant prehistoric reptile was first announced in 2009. By then, scientists assumed that Predator X could reach up to 15 metres in length and was the largest hunter on the planet in the whole history of life. Pliosaurs inhabited seas and oceans of our planet during the Jurassic period between 160 and 145 million years ago. They were distinguished by having a short neck, large head, drop-like body shape and four massive oar-like limbs that allowed them to literally "fly" in the water.
Recommended words
to analyse - 分析する
to calculate - 割り出す
to channel - チャネル
deadly - 致死
to discover - 発見
efficiently - 効率的に
fractionally - 分数
go down in history - 歴史に残る
hone in on - 上手くいく
to hunt - 狩る
in one's sights - 目の前に
marine - マリーン
a nostril - 鼻孔
a predator - 捕食者
prey - 捕食
refuge - 避難
shallow water - 浅い水
to suggest - 促す
unable - することができない
up to - のどころまで